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iMedRIS™ Data Corporation develops the industry-leading product to integrate all clinical research-related data collection and management into an intuitive, configurable, web-based application. Our products are sold to universities and medical centers all over the world. iMedRIS is an engineering company looking to create a team of top software engineers. If you are interested and meet the requirements listed below, please submit your resume for consideration.

responsibilities & duties

  • Assist with Quality Assurance testing and writing support documents for new versions.
  • Become an expert of the software to be able to effectively teach and answer all client questions
  • Tracking and documenting project milestones and providing status reports to PM Supervisors.
  • Assist in scheduling and conducting project meetings, effectively communicate assignments and expectations to project team members and track completion of project to ensure quality and integrity of all project-related products.
  • Must provide efficient and effective software implementation services for customers, by ensuring appropriate requirements
  • Under the guidance of the Project Manager Supervisor, you will participate during all phases of the project management process.
  • To work in tandem with program managers and perform project management duties to support the completion of projects.

Candidate Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Meets and exceeds deadlines
  • An affinity with design issue
  • An eye for detail and accuracy
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Team-oriented work habits
  • Have a quality-centric focus

Preferred Attributes

  • Must have exceptional written and oral communications skills and the ability to work effectively with teams and interact with clients.
  • Ability to operate well in fast paced environments
  • Familiar with writing Patch Notes and Release Notes for new releases
  • Ability to work with complex software environments
  • Strong technical skills and computer skills, including Microsoft Project, Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly
  • Strong communication and management skills

Scale:  Administrative

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