Study Management Assistant (CTMS)

The CTMS Assistant is a module that automates the management of clinical trials. The system maintains and manages planning, performing and reporting functions, along with participant contact information, tracking deadlines and milestones.

Key features of the CTMS include:

A.     Subject Management

B.     Screening

C.     Creating protocol templates

D.    Tracking clinical procedure in relation to the time schedules

E.     Budgets and Finance Tracking

F.     Milestone Management and Tracking

G.    EDC Forms


  • Build and manage clinical trial study arms, visits, cycles, and procedures
  • Review and audit institutional regulations and compliance
  • Utilize powerful scheduling component of CTMS software to set meeting dates and times, manage your appointment calendar, and oversee personnel and resource scheduling


  • Let CTMS Software help you organize the process of clinical trial creation and submission
  • Track researcher training, manage milestones, subjects, and integrated budgets, and coordinate meetings— all within the same software


  • Use for stand-alone study creation, or integrate seamlessly with iRIS review board modules to complete the entire study application process, from creation to approval
  • Get relief from arduous administrative tasks by eliminating stacks of paper
  • Communicate easily via internal messaging and notifications as well as coordinated external emails

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