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Post-Award Assistant

The Post-Award Assistant is designed to provide oversight and guidance of post-award administration to the research team and administrators to ensure compliance with sponsor terms and conditions, as well as institutional policies and procedures.

Key Features of the Post-Award Module include:

a.     New Award Set-up

  • The Account Set Up/Change Checklist
  • Load budget based on award documentation provided by the Office of Research and Sponsored.
  • The responsible Grant Accountant will notify the Principal Investigator (PI) via the New Grant and Fund Communication email when a new FOAP has been established.

b.     Review and Processing of Sponsored Research Project Expenditures

  • Grant and Contract Accounting review and approve transactions received by a department that are associated with sponsored research projects.
  • Review, approve and process requests for cost transfers, including salary reallocations related to sponsored projects, as appropriate.
  • Monitor expenditure activities on sponsored research funds to ensure compliance with federal regulations, agency specific requirements, and institution policies and procedures.
  • Review and approve procurement card applications and expenditures, as appropriate.

c.     Invoicing and Financial Reporting

  • Process account reconciliation of grant expenditures; processing department submitted cost transfers as required.
  • Prepare and submit interim and final financial reports and issues invoices in a timely manner, as required by sponsors.
  • Execute cash drawdowns through Letter of Credit draws, monitor accounts receivable and advance payments; monitor overall cash collection for sponsored projects.
  • Prepare and provide special reporting to sponsoring agencies (i.e., ARRA, NSF survey, etc.).

d.     Award Closeout

  • Send PI Award Expiration Notifications via email, as appropriate.
  • Coordinate financial closeout and termination of an award with Principal Investigators and departmental staff.
  • Reconciliation of any deficit or other corrections.
  • Complete final reporting, if required.
  • Complete final Invention Report, if required.
  • Complete Property Report, if required.
  • Close out grant/fund(s) in external financial system (i.e Banner, Peoplesoft)

e.     Financial Audits

  • Coordinate all audits conducted by external audit agencies and provides information required during audit reviews
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The most robust and connected research administration cloud platform in the market