Multi-Site Assistant

The Multi-Site module is an add on component for IBC and IRB studies that allow multiple institutions to easily and efficiently collaborate on research projects together. The system creates a relationship between a “Core” study and its sites. The institution that initiates the study is referred to as the “Core.” The Core can invite other institutions to participate on their study, and these institutions are called “Sites.” The Sites work under the umbrella of the Core. There are some key properties that dictate how the Multi-Site module behaves. The two behaviors are the Independent multi-site model, and the institutional multi-site model.

1.     Independent Model: This model is used by central IRB’s, as it removes the ability to search for users throughout the system. All look ups are replaced with single text fields, and users can only be added to a study if their full name and email address are known to the user that is filling out the application.

2.     Institutional Model: In this model all users throughout an institution are searchable and can be added to a study.

Our Form Designer allows for smart form development that include functions for show/hide of sections and questions, questions validations, branching logic to skip sections and questions that are not applicable, Online Help Text, and PDF print friendly to merge web forms direct to PDF. These functions streamline the process to aid the research team in filling out forms for submission, creating quality submissions for the IBC, IRB review.

The system, in conjunction with the Form Designer, has a one-of-a-kind tool for creating workflows. The Workflow Designer tool allows for customizing the routing processes that are specific to your institution requirements. Workflow functions include the ability to use answers from questions on the forms to route the submission down directed paths for review.


  • Facilitate the process of multi-site collaboration, reducing study review and start-up times
  • Centralize and track study documents from all affiliated sites
  • Simplify the IRB review process while incorporating input from all sites
  • Differentiate between submission forms specific either to the primary site or to other research sites


  • Invite other site investigators to participate in multi-site clinical research using email notifications and home screen tasks
  • Help ensure that regulations are met at all participating research sites
  • Easily collaborate between multiple institutions or within departments at the same institution
  • Allow coordinators at external sites to submit assurance statements electronically


  • Allow your IRB to manage research for both single site and multi-site studies, reducing research administration times and clarifying cooperative procedures
  • Identify a Project Manager to serve as the Primary Principal Investigator for the multi-site study
  • As the Primary Site, regulate the informed consent template to be used for all affiliate research sites

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