Material Transfer & IP Assistant


The Material Transfer and IP Assistant allow researchers to request materials from other organizations, such as: academic institutions, research institutes, and for-profit organizations. The MTA & IP forms contain provisions limiting your right to use the material and intellectual provisions that limit your right to publish the results of your research and/or granting rights in the results of your research to the other organization. Researchers submit the forms to the MTA and IP board for review, negotiation, and approval.

The system is built on best practice form sets that have been developed in collaboration with large and small institutions. These forms can be used out of the box to save configuration time; or they can be tailored to institutions requirements. Our Forms Designer allows for smart form development that include functions for show/hide of sections and questions, questions validations, branching logic to skip sections and questions that are not applicable, Online Help Text, and PDF print friendly to merge web forms direct to PDF. These functions streamline the process to aid the covered person in filling out forms for submission, creating quality submissions for the MTA & IP office for review.

Material Transfer & IP Assistant forms connect to a workflow for routing through the system, this enables configurable rules for routing to other modules such as the Negotiation Manager and designated personnel to review and sign-off on the material or IP.

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