Inventory Assistant


The Inventory Assistant is the newest module to join the iRIS system and allows institutions to easily track live data on equipment, technology, chemicals, drugs, devices, tissues, etc. by Principal Investigator, protocol, or laboratory.  This module allows users to create customized item profiles and print barcodes or QR codes individually to each item.  With a built-in inventory function, institutions can take regular inventories of all items or create ad-hoc inventory events for specific item types or laboratories as part of the protocol closeout or auditing process.

The Inventory Assistant also offers a robust laboratory management section that allows the researcher or other personnel to place orders and make transfers all routed for approval to the appropriate departments and personnel.  Orders can be fulfilled by the institution or sent to vendors for fulfillment by the purchasing department.  Once received, bulk item profiles can be created for multiple items of the same type, to avoid manual entry of each individual item.  Barcodes or QR codes can be generated in bulk to create a streamlined inventory process for all new items.

The inventory Assistant can be used as a standalone module or integrated into other compliance modules to help support researchers and institutions with inventory tracking, audits, and inspections throughout the life of a protocol.

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