Effort Reporting Assistant


The Effort Reporting Assistant can be a standalone module or integrated into the Post-Award process. Effort Reporting is designed to certify that salaries and wages charged to sponsored project accounts are reasonable in relation to the actual work performed.  The Effort Reporting system assures a sponsor that the sponsor only paid for effort that directly benefited the project and that the employee met their effort commitment to the project.  Effort reporting is also the method for recording and certifying personnel expenses that are being used to meet a match/cost-share requirement.

Key Features of the Effort Reporting Module include:

i.     Time and Effort Reporting – (required on federal awards).

ii.     Ensures all employee activities (100% effort).

iii.     Confirms effort expended after-the-fact.

iv.     Requires certification to be performed by an individual who has first-hand knowledge.

v.     A notification will be sent to the PI on a configurable designated basis to complete time and effort reporting.

vi.     Monitor certification of time and effort reporting, ensuring compliance with federal effort reporting regulations.

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