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Introducing SkyiRIS


Envision a network where institutions can ubiquitously submit their research to other institutions and maintain a level of local review. This vision is now a reality, introducing the SkyiRIS Protocol that allows institutions to link their research databases to a collaborative network. SkyiRIS was developed to address the need for multi-site research and to implement the NIH single IRB policy. The SkyiRIS Portal controls the affiliation of institutions and enforces the affiliate agreements. In addition, if an institution does not currently have electronic system that institution can be registered in the SkyiRIS Portal to manage, view and submit to their affiliates.

Once the affiliate agreements have been established new studies can be initiated from the application form sets that are used by the remote system. The process transparently looks and behaves exactly as if the researchers are working in their local system. The smart forms that are used from the remote system are exposed to the SkyiRIS Portal or to the institutions current electronic system. Stipulations, letters, notification and outcomes from the review process are transmitted transparently between systems.

What makes SkyiRIS standout is that it has not reduced multi-site and collaborative system to system research to a document review process. It behaves and works with all the functionality that eIRB systems have developed specifically, SMART forms and workflows. Another huge benefit of the SkyiRIS system to system protocol is that it enables research databases to perform local review on other regulatory process that are not handled by the remote affiliate such as Conflict of Interest, Radiation Safety, Bio Safety, Environmental Safety, Feasibility, etc.

Included with iRIS Enterprise:

  • Provides collaboration in target systems context and does not degrade your system to a document management system
  • Receives notifications and manages remote tasks to your local system
  • Local system can review ancillary committees
  • Affiliates form set are available to the local system
  • Avoids the issues of provisioning external users account
  • Public portal for institutions with outside affiliations
  • Designed for single IRB of use for multi-site research
  • Collaboration between affiliate institutions
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The most robust and connected research administration cloud platform in the market