The Enterprise version of iRIS by iMedRIS Data Corporation is a complete, easy-to-use software solution, designed to help commercial, academic, and government institutions of all sizes integrate research operations under a single database platform. iRIS, a web-based framework application, empowers users to be more accurate and efficient and streamlines the research process.

With iRIS Enterprise:

✓ Implement the iRIS framework solution regardless of staff size, volume of research projects, or number of locations

✓ Choose our SaaS, iMedRIS-hosted model for fewer IT concerns, or host iRIS on your institution’s servers

✓ Oversee research utilizing our out-of-the-box modules, or work with our staff to configure Institution-Specific boards, unique to your institution’s review needs and business processes

✓ Experience increased analytical capabilities with custom reports, forms, and workflows and enhanced review board configuration settings including user-created agendas, letters, and notifications