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iMedRIS Data Corporation was founded in March, 2001 with the introduction of Study Assistant, our first iRIS module.

Today, with over 21 modules, we have expanded to staff seven full-time departments. We have changed location twice to accommodate our growing staff, and are currently housed in a beautiful office in Redlands, California.

Commitment to our clients, our products, and our staff continues to make iMedRIS successful.

When you call the iMedRIS office for questions or support, you will reach a live team member located in our corporate office. Our experts are available to assist you with your software questions.

iMedRIS team members carefully monitor all tickets received from the web-based OnTime issue reporting system.

CEO & President

iMedRIS’s CEO sets the standard of quality for the development of the iRIS system while collaborating with the Executive Management team to uphold the value of each department. Our CEO is also the head software development and uses his skills to create the industry’s leading compliance needs.

Director of Operations & Finance

Our Director of Operations and Finance supervises and oversees each department for accuracy and efficiency. Working closely with CEO, the Director of Operations and Finance ensures each individual clients’ needs are met while upholding the vision and mission of iMedRIS.

Sales Department

The sales division of our business is responsible for providing hospitals and universities the software tools needed to maximize their research efficiency. With the support of our Sales Coordinator, the client experience is tailored to provide a thorough understanding of how iMedRIS can provide the best software solution. Each client is given year-round support for any sales related needs.

Project Implementation Team

Our project managers work one on one with our clients to help configure our robust system to the needs of our clients. They steer the direction of the project while training our clients on essential iRIS functionality. With the support of our Project Management Supervisor, each PM is provided direct guidance for the most efficient implementation.

Business Analyst and Technical Writing Team

Our Business Analysts are software experts who work closely with developers and project managers to create development plans and ensure proper functionality in the system. Our Technical writers provide detailed manuals and notes for our client’s self-navigation via our online portal. These departments work closely together to ensure development is properly guided in the development of iRIS.

Software Development Team

Our team of highly skilled Software Developers use several computer languages to configure our robust system. They develop all features, modules and more.

Quality Assurance Team

Our Quality Assurance team consists of detail orientated individuals that ensure the final product observes the company’s quality standards.

Technical Support Team

Our 24-hour support team is always available to answer any questions and provide online support for any live client.

System Administrators

System Administrators install, support, and maintain all systems. They work diligently to guarantee that the software is always running smoothly.

iRIS System Administrators

iMedRIS provides the option to have a designated iRIS System Administrator. Their role is to handle all of your research needs by providing extended support, tracking the status of all enhancement requests and serves as your institution’s direct contact for all requests.

Interested in joining our team? Please see available positions below. Select any position to learn more and apply online. Must submit salary history and requirement with resume to be considered. 

Please contact us at careers@imedris.com with any questions or problems. 

iMedRIS is looking for a software technical support representative to provide high-quality customer service that contributes to the overall success of our company.

iMedRIS is an engineering company looking to create a team of top software engineers.

iMedRIS is an engineering company looking to create a team of top software engineers.

Develops the industry-leading product to integrate all clinical research-related data collection and management into an intuitive, configurable, web-based application.

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