iMedRIS offers the most complete suite of research compliance software on the market, and the building blocks of our system are our modules. Meet the needs of your institution with one or many of our modules, designed both to function individually and to integrate seamlessly. Click on any one of our modules for more information and to schedule a demo.

Submit and review IRB applications electronically

Simplify your animal research administration

Help ensure that biological research meets NIH guidelines

Search and apply online for research grants and proposals

Effortlessly manage your institution’s annual disclosure reviews

Use in conjunction with IACUC studies for animal facility management

Facilitate the scientific review process

Oversee research utilizing radioactive materials

Capture the actual time it takes to complete study-related activities

Organize your clinical trials with advanced CTMS software

Assess study resources prior to application

Develop custom boards to meet your institution’s needs

Collaborate on studies from mulitple locations